Attractions to Check Out in Tuscaloosa in 2019

Attractions to Check Out in Tuscaloosa in 2019

 Tuscaloosa Amphitheater 

Located near the University of Alabama, the Tuscaloosa Amphitheater is the largest outdoor amphitheater in West Alabama. Seating up to 8,400 people, the theater is a major venue for popular musical performances and shows. The amphitheater opened in 2011 with a performance by the Avett Brothers and Band of Horses. Since then it’s had performances from artists such as Kenny Chesney and Patti LaBelle. Be sure to check their website as they provide updates on upcoming events and shows. 

 The River Market 

The River Market is a year-round marketplace that hosts weekly farmer’s markets and a variety of other events. The market, which is nestled right along the banks of the Black Warrior River, is open every Saturday from 7am-12pm. Head down for beautiful atmosphere, fresh foods, baked goods, artisan goods, locally made crafts, and much more! 

 Children’s Hands-On Museum 

“Hands-on” isn’t just a clever part of their name—it’s precisely what they offer! The museum offers a multitude of interactive exhibits that focus on the sciences, art, and other fun topics for children ages 0-13 (being a kid at heart counts as well). Exhibitions include a play area designed to replicate a farmer’s market, a hospital that educates kids on healthcare, a part palace, and much more! They also host events year-round that promote curiosity and learning for kids, including fun biology classes and STEAM workshops. 

 The Bama Theatre 

The Bama Theatre is a historic building in the city of Tuscaloosa. Since 1938, it’s provided shows, cultural events, and community events. Today, the Tuscaloosa Children’s Theatre Company and the Tuscaloosa Community Dancers reside at the Bama Theatre. The Theatre hosts plenty of splendid and interesting events including a Jewish Film Festival every spring, an art gallery, and concert performances. 

 Paul W. Bryant Museum 

The Paul Bryant Museum pays tribute to the legendary University of Alabama coach, Paul “Bear” Bryant, as well as numerous other notable athletes from the university. Bryant’s coaching career spanned 25 years, during which he won a record total of 323 games, and six national championships. Exhibits include a Hall of Honor, the history and tradition of the Crimson Tide football team, a crystal replica of Bryant’s famous houndstooth hat, and more.  

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Beneficial Event in Evangeline’s Restaurant Tuscaloosa

Evangeline’s Restaurant

Food and Wine Pairing Dinner @ Evangeline’s Restaurant: A Beneficial Event

Wisconsin Evangeline’s WineHave you tried to participate in a beneficial event? Have you ever attempted to pair your dinner with wine? Do you know what wine is most suitable for the course being served to you? If you have no idea and you’re interested to have your ordinary dinner to a fine level, Evangeline’s Restaurant could take care of that for you.

Food and wine pairing, though it’s very interesting and a nice way to have dinner, it is only practiced by a seldom number of diners. Most of these restaurants are high-end and if they are not in that class, the restaurant is probably hidden or not very well known in the area. It’s pretty much unavoidable why some locals haven’t experienced this kind of dining because they think “it’s just a waste of time/money”, which shouldn’t be their focus because that is not what food and wine pairing is all about. Evangeline’s Restaurant wants to remove that impression from the locals and change it to a more positive view.

Disney Aladdin Play

Disney Aladdin

Disney’s Aladdin, Jr. @ Tuscaloosa Children’s Theatre
Children nowadays, particularly in the millennial era, no longer acknowledge classic cartoon shows which are loved by the older generations especially Walt Disney Classics. Aladdin, Jasmine, Genie, and all other casts from the movie “Aladdin” are just some of the forgotten characters. Our theatrical team organized “Disney: Aladdin, Jr.” to break the
barrier and to rekindle the excitement felt by the older generations and pass it on to the newer generations as they watch a lively, well-choreographed musical performance.

The animated film “Aladdin” received an Academy Award-winning score during its glory days, so why not bring that score back in the theatrical stage?