Beneficial Event in Evangeline’s Restaurant Tuscaloosa

Food and Wine Pairing Dinner @ Evangeline’s Restaurant: A Beneficial Event

Have you tried to participate in a beneficial event? Have you ever attempted to pair your dinner with wine? Do you know what wine is most suitable for the course being served to you? If you have no idea and you’re interested to have your ordinary dinner to a fine level, Evangeline’s Restaurant could take care of that for you.

Food and wine pairing, though it’s very interesting and a nice way to have dinner, it is only practiced by a seldom number of diners. Most of these restaurants are high-end and if they are not in that class, the restaurant is probably hidden or not very well known in the area. It’s pretty much unavoidable why some locals haven’t experienced this kind of dining because they think “it’s just a waste of time/money”, which shouldn’t be their focus because that is not what food and wine pairing is all about. Evangeline’s Restaurant wants to remove that impression from the locals and change it to a more positive view.

The restaurant decided to do such an occasion because they wanted the locals to be more familiarized and to be more
appreciative when it comes to food and wine pairing events. Evangeline’s Restaurant also wants the people, more
particularly to the citizens of Tuscaloosa, to have a different approach in digesting the food served on their tables. Food experts loves to take their meals meaningfully, they believe that food mustn’t be digested lightly because every course served to them are made heartily whether they be a professional chef, a local cook, or a loved one. The restaurant also wants to impart that same heart to every local who will be present at the occasion and eventually, they will apply the same approach to every meal they eat.

The best part is while having a sumptuous dinner, you will be serenaded with beautiful music by the TSO or Tuscaloosa Symphony Orchestra. TSO is one of West Alabama’s exclusive musical organizations who support local businesses and tourism through the music they echo. It is an ensemble of well-trained musicians taught by respected maestros of Tuscaloosa who will also be speaking about the beauty of classical music. All proceeds of this event will actually be beneficial to the Tuscaloosa Symphony Orchestra. So, if you participate in this event, you will have a luxurious dinner at the same time you will be a sponsor for the ensemble. See? You’ve actually hit two birds with one stone!

It’s not about the money! Do not be afraid to use it to experience something new, something different, something unique in your life. It may be costly at times but it will never be put to waste!

So, if you appreciate classical music or have the heart to support our local musicians and you are planning to have a scrumptious dinner with your family, friends, or even your love partner, then this is the most perfect time to take them to Evangeline’s Restaurant.

At Evangeline’s food and wine pairing event, every dine has good wine!

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Disney Aladdin Play

Disney’s Aladdin, Jr. @ Tuscaloosa Children’s Theatre
Children nowadays, particularly in the millennial era, no longer acknowledge classic cartoon shows which are loved by the older generations especially Walt Disney Classics. Aladdin, Jasmine, Genie, and all other casts from the movie
“Aladdin” are just some of the forgotten characters. Our theatrical team organized “Disney: Aladdin, Jr.” to break the
barrier and to rekindle the excitement felt by the older generations and pass it on to the newer generations as they
watch a lively, well-choreographed musical performance.

The animated film “Aladdin” received an Academy Award-winning score during its glory days, so why not bring that
score back in the theatrical stage?

The team chose “Aladdin” because they strongly believe that the audience will surely experience ‘a whole new world’ as they witness a magical journey while imagining a ride on a flying carpet. A musical play packed with love, friendship, and adventure is about to capture your hearts this coming October.

The story is about a homeless-pick- pocket boy named Aladdin. He had no relatives or friends other than his monkey
named Abu. He wanted to seek attention with Agrabah’s Princess Jasmine by pretending to be a prince with the help of Genie for them to get married. Jafar, Iago, the King of Agrabah, and many more characters will also be present in the very much awaited musical.


The Audience
– The Musical “Aladdin, Jr.” is for everyone! The producers want it to be enjoyed not just by young’uns but by all
age groups. The team placed so much effort for this musical to be entertaining and worth the watch. Your
tickets won’t be put to waste because this performance will be an unforgettable one.



The Performers
– The Musical is casted by professional musical performers/singers. All characters that will appear in the play,
from the oldest down to the youngest, were carefully selected actors and actresses. The directors of the show
made sure that every actors and actresses will perform according to their appointed roles without lacking in
terms of musicality. Their performance will take you back to the Kingdom of Agrabah.

The Story
– The writers of the play have well-written the story plot according to the setting of the movie. They’ve also
rearranged some scenes from the movie to make it more appropriate for a live performance setting. The team is
very much excited to present their version of the story to the crowd.

The Music
– The team in-charge for the musical arrangements of the songs to be used was able to find a great batch of
musicians from Tuscaloosa to make a new sound for every track. The audience will have a flashback while listening to the music but will also love the new arrangements of the songs.

The Overall Event
– Producing a play is NOT easy. The overall production team worked day and night for the show to be made
possible. Sacrifices, exhaustion and pressure were present as they processed all the needs of the event. The
props, costumes, performers, stage set-up, promotions, musical needs, technical needs, financial needs, put it all
there. Yet in spite all the challenges, they were able to pull it through!

As Aladdin said, “do you trust me?”

Come and experience a Whole New World as Tuscaloosa Children’s Theatre presents to you Disney’s “Aladdin, Jr.”!

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